Colorado provides potential nursing students with the ability to study any degree within this field, with selected opportunities in all regions of this state. Among these include The Denver School of nursing, which offers PN and RN degrees in the northern part of the state; but expanded opportunities exist at Colorado State University in Pueblo, where students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the southern region. Mesa State College in Grand Junction to the east provides a BSN, with transitions from LPN and RN to this degree as well. Finally, a western option includes the Beth-el College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Colorado Springs. This last college is part of the University of Colorado, and it offers certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Statewide, the average salaries for LPN, RN and specialty nurses range between $13,000 and $71,000 annually, depending upon degree earned, years in the field, expertise and size of the health facility. Colorado boasts numerous hospitals, hospital systems and health care facilities, including HealthOne, which maintains seven hospitals within Denver including the largest hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, with over 680 beds. Colorado also maintains thirty-nine rural hospitals statewide, including Heart Of The Rockies Regional Medical Center in Salida, Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center in Huerfano County and Gunnison Valley Hospital in Gunnison. All facilities offer employees with the sports and health opportunities that abound in this state, including walking, biking, skiing and more.

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