Students who want to study nursing in California will find several opportunities statewide. California State University offers nursing degrees statewide. Potential nursing students can find Cal State campuses from Long Beach to Fresno and from Sacramento to San Bernardino, and all campuses offer a variety of nursing courses that can lead to RN, LPN and specialty careers with degrees that range from associate to PhD. The University of California also provides opportunities to study nursing statewide, with campuses located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Irvine, among other campuses. This college offers two- and four-year degrees as well as continuing education and teaching and research opportunities. Students also can find other nursing courses and degrees on campuses such as Loma Linda University and the Western University of Health Sciences, a college that specializes in health care.

Statewide, the average salaries for LPN, RN and specialty nurses range between $14,000 and $78,000 annually, depending upon degree earned, years in the field, expertise and size of the health facility. California maintains some large hospitals where the student can find work upon graduation. Among these hospitals, the University of California’s Medical center in Los Angeles is that county’s largest hospital. Specialty hospitals include Oakland Children’s Hospital and Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, part of the largest pediatric cardiothoracic surgical program in North America. Additionally, this state provides three new 200-bed mobile hospitals, the largest civilian medical response facilities of their kind, along with other new medical assets to be used in responding to a major disaster.

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