Decreased Life Span in Obese Worse than Originally Feared

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By Alisa Johnson According to as Associated Press article, “Study: Being obese can take years off your life”, an Oxford University study on obesity has proved obesity can cause premature death and could be as bad for you as cigarette smoking.  The results of this study are the culmination of multiple studies—fifty-seven, to be exact—of […]

How Neurosurgical Nurses Have Joined the Battle Against Mental Diseases

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Neuroscience has offered many health care professionals the opportunity to be involved in one of the most revolutionary changes in medicine.  Neurosurgical nurses are further involved in progress as they work to assist doctors in their struggle to cure both psychiatric problems and more deeply rooted medical problems.   Psychiatric conditions such as depression and obsessive […]

When Caregivers Need Care

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 As you are faced with the unthinkable prospect of losing a loved one, you are likely overcome by so much emotion you can no longer function properly. Every moment is spent attempting to prepare for, and waiting for, someone to die. You want be near that person because you don’t know how much time is […]

Telemetry Nurses in Pop Culture

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As much as we hate to admit it, the majority of information we receive about professional careers is trickled down from our knowledge relating to a TV show or movie about the profession.  Everyone thinks they can be a lawyer or detective based on shows like Law and Order while every person is also convinced […]

How has the Economy Affected Types of Nurses and their Salaries?

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Only a few decades ago, there was only one type of nurse: the one who assisted the doctor and checked your blood pressure and weight while you waited for the doctor to emerge from another room.  Since this time, however, there has been an evolution within the health industry and are now different specialties for […]

Becoming an RN in a World Full of Doctors

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Many times becoming an RN seems to take second place to the doctors and surgeons who get the publicity and admiration of the public.  However, as anyone in the health industry will tell you, status and rankings mean little inside the hospital when you are saving a person’s life.  Each person in that operating room, […]

OB Nurses in Remote Areas of the World

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Imagine you are an OB nurse, helping deliver a baby after a complicated delivery and pregnancy.  Now imagine that you are in the rural countryside of India and a hospital is not in reach of the village, nor is it feasible that the mother will survive moving out of the room she is in.  This […]