Sub-Acute Nursing

Sub-acute nursing is intensive nursing care that takes place in a home setting after a patient has undergone surgery or is recovering from an illness. Nurses in this field handle patients who need more intensive care than long-term or traditional nursing home care, but not as intensive as acute care.

In some cases, patients who have to stay in the hospital may not be prepared to go home again, so sub-acute nursing is the area of nursing where patients work to increase their flexibility, rebuild their strength, and improve walking and self-care skills. A short-term program, sub-acute nursing and rehabilitation require an inpatient stay for those who need somewhere to go between the hospital and home. In this field of nursing, it is common for patients to need assistance transitioning through the recovery process after hip replacement surgery. Sub-acute nurses teach him/her how to meet basic needs, maintain his/her well-being, as well as live up to his/her normal role in life.

Patients who need sub-acute nursing may have had a stroke, joint replacement, injury, illness, or surgery. Intended to be a short-term path to recovery, sub-acute nursing provides extensive treatment for patients who need specialty care with ventilator care, pulmonary, hemodialysis, cardiology, and orthopedics. Each patient receives a custom treatment program that is goal-oriented, and physicians, nurses, and rehabilitation therapists collaborate to make the patient achieve his/her goals.

Like many other areas of nursing, a large part of sub-acute nursing is education. Helping a patient with daily group and individual therapy and providing him/her with a custom plan to help him/her regain his/her independence as quickly as possible is what sub-acute nursing is all about. Sub-acute nurses may work in rehabilitation hospitals, sub-acute nursing homes, or traditional nursing homes.

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