Quality Improvement Nursing

A component of nursing professional practice, quality improvement nursing strives to support clinical practices for optimal patient care outcomes. It is within this area that a nurse identifies, monitors, and makes recommendations for quality nursing care. Quality improvement nursing involves determination to meet patients’ needs and exceed expectations of care and service. A structured process is used to continually identify and improve all of the aspects of service and care.

Quality improvement nurses want to make a difference. They have to ask themselves questions like what it is they want to accomplish, how they will know a change is an improvement, and what changes they could make to result in a definite improvement. This is done by using four steps — 1) planning, when an aim is determined, data is gathered, and solutions are considered; 2) doing, when a solution is chosen and implemented; 3) studying, when they evaluate the solution’s effect; 4) and acting, when they evaluate the solution and determine whether or not it needs to be revised.

Quality improvement nurses could for instance work on an eye care protocol in which they deal with patients’ concerns of eye care misinformation, or they could devise a master plan to deal with patient telephone calls after they’ve been discharged. More jobs a quality improvement nurse could do include creating and distributing booklets with answers to frequently asked questions or printing staff information sheets to be placed at patients’ bedsides.

To summarize, quality improvement nursing — also called nursing quality improvement — is a nursing field that concentrates on quality and care of patient safety through evidence-based practices. These types of nurses study computer information systems and pain management protocols and implement them in hospitals, clinics, intensive care units, and long-term care facilities.

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