Plastic Surgery Nursing

Plastic surgery nursing, also called reconstructive surgery nursing, involves caring for patients who are undergoing cosmetic procedures to correct aesthetic or perceived abnormalities. Some surgeries are elective and small, while others are more complicated. They can range from dermabrasion to facial reconstruction after an accident to breast replacement after a mastectomy, to anywhere in between.

Plastic surgery nurses care for patients who are undergoing laser surgery, microsurgery, nonsurgical treatments, cosmetic surgery, and maxillofacial surgery and who have everything from skin lesions and tumors to congenital deformities, burns, ulcers, varicose veins, and facial fractures. This job involves hands-on patient care along with treatment and teaching skills. Involving perioperative and postoperative care, patients are often gracious and joyful, but there can occasionally be difficult patient contacts and some misconceptions about results. A plastic surgery nurse must be able to communicate effectively, have a positive attitude, and have sensitivity to the client’s needs.

With the demand for cosmetic surgery growing, there is a need for nurses to deliver quality care to the patient undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery. Patients come in because they want to improve their appearance with liposuction, breast implants, a face lift, a nose job, and other procedures, and some want to correct defects or improve function, such as a cleft pallet, hair lip, or inability to breathe through one of their nostrils. Plastic surgery nursing deals with the protection, maintenance, safety and optimization of the repair of the human body, as well as restoration and health before, during, and after any surgical procedures.

Plastic surgery nurses work in both hospitals and private offices with plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, and clinical psychologists. Some nurses work in inpatient plastic surgery and burn care for injuries, while others work in outpatient clinics, providing follow-up care to patients that have undergone specialist wound care treatments or had complex plastic surgical procedures done.

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