Nursing Management

Nursing management is a nursing career which for managing other nurses and acting in many leadership roles. In nursing management, you learn leadership, clinical management methods, budget and resource allocation in health care, systems management, political issues and health care provision, health policies and quality assurance, management and organization theories and their application to nursing, information technology, and business and strategic planning.

In nursing management, some nurses function as nurse leaders, while others are nurse managers or supervisors, directors or associate directors of nursing, or are in positions that focus on resident assessment, quality improvement, and staff development. Also called nursing leadership, the role of a management nurse is to act as a driven leader who will promote strength and importance in this profession.

Stemming from the previous decade’s silent registered nurses in the nursing profession, nursing management is starting to gain ground as a leadership profession. Nursing management leaders come together to determine the future of nursing, from goals to initiatives to bring additional workers into the career field. They are driven to gain a position of influence within the changing health system, to become a larger part of the health system and society.

Nursing managers use their national leadership and organizational skills to have a voice within their roles as natural advocates. They look at the staff and schedule to see who will fit best in which area, and plan accordingly. Essentially, the head nurse is in a position of nursing management, and that head nurse is in charge of taking care of the other nurses and determining how to fix problems that may arise during his/her shift, not only within the staff, but in other areas of the hospital.

A person in nursing management understands the way the health care organization and administration operate, in addition to being familiar with collection, analysis, and management of nursing data, and concepts and techniques for enhancing nurse managerial behaviors and nursing personnel.

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