HIV/AIDS Nursing

The field of HIV/AIDS nursing and helps those infected with HIV/AIDS as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS to cope with all aspects of the disease. HIV/AIDS nursing seeks to minimize the pain experienced by HIV/AIDS patients and maximize their independence. This specialty within the field of nursing primarily concentrates on the education of patients in the prevention of the spread of the disease.

HIV/AIDS nurses, also known as AIDS care nurses, attempt to aide their patients as well as possible with the social, psychological, spiritual and physical impacts of the disease that they face. This is achieved through education, therapy and emotional support, not only for the patients, but also for the family and significant others. The HIV/AIDS nurse will also serve as a patient advocate. Patient advocacy is the support of the basic rights, beliefs and values of the patient.

It is necessary for professionals in HIV/AIDS nursing to continue their education and stay current on developments in the health care for HIV/AIDS patients. In order to provide the best care, HIV/AIDS nurses must stay abreast of the most recent developments and new therapies being explored for the treatment of the disease. HIV/AIDS nurses will often collaborate with other professionals to develop prevention and wellness promotion education programs. They may also help discover and explore research problems related to HIV/AIDS.

It is essential for the HIV/AIDS nurse to possess good coping skills, stress management, and people skills. HIV/AIDS patients are chronically ill and this produces a high stress and emotional environment that the HIV/AIDS nurse must be prepared to handle effectively. HIV/AIDS nursing is usually found in the hospital setting or long-term care facilities, hospices, community clinics, and health departments.

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