Clinical Nursing Research

Clinical nursing research ensures that the practice of clinical nursing is effective. As new technologies are constantly being introduced, new clinical problems that result in research questions are being raised. In the field of nursing, clinical research dates back as far as Florence Nightingale, when she recorded the results or procedures and then initiated new methods that improved patient care.

Today, clinical nursing research is not integrated into the everyday duties of the nurse, and there is a need for more trained clinic nursing researchers. It is essential for the professionals that are in contact with patients to be active in the research. They are best able to identify the most relevant and important questions. It is a misconception that clinical nursing research is only conducted by physicians, graduate students, or nurses with doctorates. Clinical nurse researchers will often be found working in a variety of settings, including university or teaching hospitals, contract research organizations and educational institutes.

Those that wish to conduct clinical nursing research must identify a problem that is of clinical importance. The problems that are encountered everyday in the health care arena provide the basis for these research problems and questions. Observations that are made can translate into possible research problems to be approached, especially in situations that produce negative outcomes. Resources and expertise that are discovered through research are then shared with other health care providers.

To conduct clinical nursing research, the researcher must have knowledge of research design and methods and comprehend the analytical processes necessary for successful research. It may also be needed to negotiate funding for research projects and ensure that the research is being conducted in accordance with ethical guidelines. The key skills that aid in successful clinical nursing research are communication, management, analytical, organizational, as well as clinical knowledge.

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