Case Management Nursing

Nurses in the field of case management nursing coordinate and facilitate care for patients that are receiving long-term therapy. Case management nursing ensures that care for the patient is provided at the optimal time throughout the entire course of the patient’s treatment. For example, a cancer patient would benefit from case management nursing by having their surgery, primary care visits, radiation, and chemotherapy all coordinated to occur at the most appropriate times. The most visible benefit of case management nursing is reducing health care costs. One means of achieving this is to decrease fragmentation and duplication of care.

In case management nursing, it is essential to ensure that the particular patient is receiving the most efficient, cost-effective care as he/she is moved from setting to setting within the health care system during the duration of care. In order to achieve this, necessary resources and services are coordinated and organized for the patient. The nurse case manager will oversee the performance of all health care professionals involved in the patient’s care. The focus is on the patient, and while maximizing the use of health resources, self-managed care is also fostered.

An individual nurse case manager will usually specialize in the care of one specific area. These defined populations in case management nursing include geriatrics, transplants, AIDS, cancer, children, patients with cardiovascular disease and others. Some factors that indicate the need for case management nursing include pre-existing medical conditions that prolong or complicate recovery, emotional or psychological problems that interfere with recovery, or the presence of a chronic disease that needs long-term treatment.

Not only does case management nursing decrease health care costs, but it also ensures that the patient is receiving the most efficient treatment possible. For these reasons, case management nursing is integral in today’s rapidly changing health care environment.

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