Vanderbilt School of Nursing

Nashville’s very own Vanderbilt University is a research based university which established its School of Nursing back in 1909. Since then, the faculty has advanced into nursing education and has aided in the development of clinical research, patient care delivery systems as well as advanced practice nursing. Today, it is now a top-ranking and highly prominent school of nursing focusing in health systems management and producing leaders in the nursing occupation. In its mission statement, the university endeavors to devote its nursing education in achieving perfection within four fields — education, research, practice and professional environment.

Different from other nursing education institutes, the Vanderbilt School of Nursing does not provide any degrees preceding the baccalaureate level. The last BSN was conferred in 1989. In place of it, the nursing school offers a wide range of specialties in its master’s program and post-master’s certificate programs.

The Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers a master’s degree in nursing with areas of specialties such as nurse practitioner, forensic nursing, nurse midwifery, clinical nurse specialists, and health systems management. Under the study programs of nurse practitioners, they focus on the form of acute care study, pediatric primary care, pediatric acute care, and psychiatricmental health care. In order to accommodate the busy schedules of these highly ambitious working students, some of the programs deliver the course content through web-based interactions, distributed digital videos and concentrated courses offered on-campus within a short time frame. This intensive study is offered for the RN to MSN program, nurse practitioner programs, clinical management as well as the health systems management program. Taking it a step further, Vanderbilt also offers post-master certificate programs for each master’s degree program.

Apart from the MSN programs, Vanderbilt also provides two extra programs — a development series for clinical research professional certificate program and an emergency and disaster response management program. Both programs focus more on the management side of things and are offered at certain times of the year spanning between two and three courses only.

For those interested in earning a PhD in Nursing, Vanderbilt also offers a doctoral degree program which can be completed in either four or five years. Graduates can also participate in a postdoctoral program that allows scholars to extend their study in research and further education. The PhD curriculum covers three areas — nursing science and research, theory development, and any field outside of nursing that is the student’s area of interest.

Financial aid is available for Vanderbilt’s students in either full or partial scholarships. Students taking a part time course in the post-master’s certificate program are not eligible for financial aids but can instead apply for student loans.

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