University of Washington School of Nursing

As the second nursing school in United States history to be within a university setting and the holder of multiple awards for excellence in nursing, it’s no wonder that so many students choose to attend UW.

Different programs offered

The UW School of Nursing has a variety of programs to suit any applicant’s needs. From BSN to PhD, each student nurse can tailor his/her learning experience to his/her career plans. Some applicants opt for the MEPN, which is a master’s entry level program; MN, a master’s in nursing; MSN, a Master’s of Science in Nursing; as well as a PhD, for those seeking to teach nursing or use their skills for research; and DNP, or doctor of nursing practice.

Requirements to get in

At the BSN level, students will need to apply to both the University of Washington as well as the UW School of Nursing. The admissions department is looking for a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, though higher GPAs are favored. Three courses of natural sciences will also need to be completed prior to admission. Experience in the health care field needs to be a minimum of 100 hours for volunteering, but at least three consecutive months of paid nursing work.

In order to be competitive, students will want to have earned much more than the minimum requirements, as UW suggests that multiple hundreds of hours be submitted during the application process.

Cost of the program

The overall costs of this nursing program depend on the number of credits taken each term, but students can expect to pay approximately $2,500 per term. This number varies widely for each student’s situation and does not include books, expenses, and class fees. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Clinical information

After two years of educational experience, the clinical section of the program begins. The overall clinical structure of the UW Nursing program involves two years of hands-on experience. This full time requirement will necessitate that students do not work during this time period.

What if I have a bachelor’s degree in something other than nursing?

Although there are limited spaces, there are several ways that a student without a nursing degree can be accepted into UW Nursing. You will still have to complete the admission requirements for entry, but this need is addressed by the MEPM program that will help non-nurse students get the master’s level certification.

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