University of Michigan Nursing School

Situated in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan Nursing School provides students the chance to hone their nursing skills or begin a new career in helping others. Adjacent to the University of Michigan Medical Center, this is a learning facility that is regarded as one of the best and most cutting edge health care centers in the world.

Different programs offered

The variety of programs at the University of Michigan nursing school allows each student to get the education that he/she desires. The three undergraduate programs include various levels of nursing care, most importantly the BSN program. This allows a nurse to be fully trained and expect the highest salary upon graduation.

For those who already have their nursing degree, programs such as the nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, and midwifery programs might also fit into their needs. There are even programs for those that want to use their nursing skills in an administrative capacity with the Nursing Business and Health Systems Programs.

Prerequisites for admission

Many students apply for admission to the University of Michigan School of Nursing each year. This creates fierce competition among the applicants to go above and beyond the basic requirements. The bare minimum needed is basic high school classes such as math, science and English, but also two years of a foreign language. Applicants will need to have taken the ACT or SAT prior to admission as well.

While there aren’t minimum requirements listed at UM, it helps to realize that the 2003 freshmen class averaged a 3.6-3.9 GPA and scores of 1220-1390 on the SAT and 26-30 on the ACT.

Cost of the program

For Michigan residents, the initial nursing program costs about $4,500 per semester, while non-Michigan residents will pay about $14,000 per term. While this does include all course fees, it does not include room and board or any other additional expenses.

UM is quite helpful with their financial aid process and can assist students in finding federal loans and grants as well as personal loans, work study, and scholarships.

Clinical information

Clinical hours are high for the standard BSN program, with a minimum 128 hours required to graduate. However, these are practiced at the UM Medical Center and other surrounding campuses, so the training is superior and the technology much more advanced than at many other facilities.

What if I have a bachelor’s degree in something other than nursing?

The Accelerated Second Career Nursing Program is for those students that already have a college degree and want to pursue nursing. This program only takes 12 months to complete in order to be able to test for your Michigan licensure via the NCLEX.

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