University of Kansas School of Nursing

The University of Kansas School of Nursing takes the nursing profession a step further from other nursing establishments. Their program’s curricula focus on four major concepts comprising client systems, health, environment, and nursing. All four contribute toward the health of the client and the improvement of the nursing profession.

As noble as the nursing profession is, nurses do at times face limitations on their efforts towards their patients and their family members. Thus, nurses at University of Kansas School of Nursing are groomed to guide clients on gaining independence from nursing care and also to deliver scientific information on how prevention and health awareness can help keep patients healthy. Additionally, these nurses are taught to facilitate in rehabilitation, diagnosis and even dignified deaths. Indeed, in the world of nursing, nurses are not only confined to clinical care but also are involved in responding to other aspects of patient wellbeing.

With this, the University of Kansas School of Nursing offers three degree programs ranging from baccalaureate to master’s and to doctoral levels. Apart from clinical research and the study of theories, the programs here also aim to train students in the development of critical thinking as well as communication and leadership skills. All these traits are essential for nurses to move up the career ladder. That is why, being involved in management, teaching or head position functions provides nurses with necessary career advancement skills. Good communication skills help nurses deal with patients who may not be willing to comply a nurses’ instructions.

Further, the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) offers three areas of specialization — clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife and nurse practitioner. Alternatively, the PhD in Nursing degree program aids in the development of theory and original research that will hopefully contribute to further improvements in nursing.

When graduate nurses are finally released into the working world, it is only fitting that the skills acquired during their course of study be absolutely relevant and practical to be applied onto real-life scenarios. This is why the nursing programs here incorporate practical training for nurses within the community as well as in a real working environment. This way, students experience the delivery of real-life healthcare outside the campus and even in rural areas. In addition, these sessions also help to facilitate the school’s research initiatives by offering a hands-on approach.

As for students who are always on the go but desire a nursing degree from the University of Kansas, they are eligible to opt for a web-based learning experience instead. The virtual classroom of the KU Medical Center functions as a learning environment for distance learning programs. Accelerated BSN programs for registered nurses are also available, with a full time student able to graduate within a year of study, and a part time student graduating within a five-year period. Both the BSN and MSN programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the local state board.

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