UIC School of Nursing

With four different campuses and a long standing traditional of excellence, the University of Illinois at Chicago is just what the modern nursing student is looking for in a program. It is ranked number one among all Illinois nursing schools and was the first to be a part of the World Health Organization‘s efforts to promote international nursing development. These facts are persuading more students to look to the Windy City for their nursing education.

Different programs offered

The BSN program at the UIC School of Nursing allows both high school graduates and those who have obtained RN licensure the opportunity to solidify their training and get the maximum benefits in terms of salary and skills. There are also several master’s degree programs that include training for nurse practitioner, midwife, administration and clinical nurse specialist.

But for those that are looking to go into more educational positions, UIC College of Nursing offers a BSN to PhD in Nursing program that is able to educate the future professors at the school.

Prerequisites for admission

The pre-advising option at the UIC School of Nursing can help a student determine what else he/she might need before being ready to apply to the school. Sitting down with a counselor will help the student evaluate current course work to determine whether he/she has the necessary requirements for admission. If the student is not qualified, he/she will find out how to strengthen his/her experience and be able to apply when better prepared. Appointments can be made easily by e-mail or phone.

Cost of the program

Non-Illinois residents can expect to pay $12,600 per semester, including fees and other charges while a resident of the area can expect to pay $6,600 per semester. Fees and other tuition charges are higher as the level of education increases.

Sitting down with a financial aid representative can help a student determine options for federal aid, government grants, scholarships, work study, and personal loans.

Clinical information

With only 350 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students for 170 faculty members, it’s easy to see that personal attention is something that all levels of nursing students will receive. The wide range of specialties covered in the clinical portion of the educational program allows a student to be able to make an informed decision whether or not to pursue that option.

What if I have a bachelor’s degree in something other than nursing?

The GEP program at the University of Illinois at Chicago is designed for those students that want to attain a master’s degree in nursing, but already have a BA or BS in another field.

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