UCLA School of Nursing

Since 1949, the UCLA School of Nursing has been training nurses to care for patients in a variety of settings and fields. This fully accredited program is has consistently ranked well above average and usually lands within the top 10 nursing programs in the United States. With its sunny setting and top notch facilities, the UCLA School of Nursing is a perfect fit for students from many different backgrounds, which leads to quite a diverse group of individuals.

Different programs offered

UCLA offers a nursing program for all backgrounds and career goals. From the BSN program for high school graduates all the way up to graduate programs for those with licenses in nursing, UCLA is training the health care workers of tomorrow. Other degree programs include an ADN to BSN program while those with BSNs can study for their MSN and go into midwifery or begin a career as a nurse practitioner. Administration degrees are also available as are rare specialties like neuropsychiatric nurse practitioner.

Those that opt for the doctoral programs can train for a career in public health and national health care policy along with learning how health care affects people in a broader sense.

Prerequisites for admission

UCLA is one of the top nursing schools in the country, so it’s safe to say that competition is stiff for the few spots available. The stated minimum requirement for GPA is 2.0, but in reality, the average GPA for the freshman class in previous years was far above that number.

SAT or ACT scores are needed for application to the BSN program, while a GRE score is necessary for application to the master’s degree programs, as they are graduate level courses.

The more diverse a student’s interests are prior to the application process, the better his/her chances are of getting admitted. A student should show a strong prior interest in nursing and taking care of people as well as a strong work ethic and high grades in science and math subjects.

Cost of the program

Undergraduate students can expect to pay $7,000 per year for California residents, while non-residents can expect to pay $25,000 per year. These fees do not include individual class fees and charges.

Financial aid is the standard method of paying for these fees and federal loans and grants are most common. Scholarships and work study programs are also available.

Clinical information

Clinical classes are small and allow students to get their questions answered by a well-trained nursing instructor. Many classes are limited to only ten students at a time.

What if I have a bachelor’s degree in something other than nursing?

There are options for students that desire a career change, but don’t want to have to go through another bachelor’s degree program. At UCLA, these special cases can enroll in the Pre-Licensure Masters Entry Clinical Nurse program and be ready to take their boards and NCLEX within two years.

For more information about the UCLA School of Nursing, please visit their Web site at http://www.nursing.ucla.edu/.

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