Cincinnati College of Nursing

Back in 1889 when it was first established, the Cincinnati College of Nursing had been referred to as the Cincinnati Training School for Nurses. Eventually, its nursing program evolved into a five-year undergraduate program, the first of its kind in the U.S. in 1916.

At the turn of this century, this college of nursing has become a pioneer in advancing the nursing profession through research and applications of newly formulated theories in nursing and healthcare. A wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including pre-nursing programs, RN to BSN programs and Master of Science in Nursing degrees for advanced practical nurse studies are offered here. Indeed, the college’s commitment to research and achieving excellence in nursing has led them to become one of the most highly sought after colleges for nursing students.

This college strives to provide opportunities to students aiming to enter the nursing profession, scholars who desire to pursue higher education and also to graduates who want to broaden their scope of expertise. Thus, it is not surprising to find that this nursing school offers one of the most elaborate financial assistance programs for their academic program. Scholarships can be obtained from external sources, the university’s alumni, through federal student aid, graduate assistantships, nursing loan programs or even directly from the college.

Specifically, undergraduate studies in pre-nursing, bachelor’s degree in nursing, and an RN to BSN program are the core programs offered at this college. Higher up the education path are the Master of Science in Nursing degree program, an accelerated master’s degree program for non-BSN holders, post-master certificate programs and also doctorate programs. The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs and the post-graduate certificate programs include specializations in adult healthcare, pediatric, nurse midwifery, occupational health, psychiatric nursing, and women’s health.

The accelerated MSN program is conducted through three phases. Phase One is the pre-master’s phase where students are required to complete selected coursework or transfer credits from their bachelor’s degree. Phase Two comprises two master’s courses conducted over three and a half quarters of full-time study. Phase Three is where students who have graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will be eligible for the NCLEX examinations.

Finally, students can then continue with the rest of the core courses in the master’s program well into the third phase. Upon completion, students are then awarded with a master’s degree, and thus are also eligible for further education on the doctorate and post-master certification programs, which are also offered at the Cincinnati College of Nursing.

The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing offers two online Master of Science in nursing degree programs — MSN – Nurse Midwifery and MSN – Women’s Health Practitioner.

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