University of South Alabama College of Nursing

The University of South Alabama’s College of Nursing has had a great history in preparing nurses for success in the nursing profession. With two campus locations offering this program, one in Springhill and the other in Baldwin County, this college of nursing offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program as well as a Master of Science in Nursing program.

This university is unique for its accelerated BSN track specially catered for academically inclined individuals. This accelerated program allows individuals to shorten their study duration to one year, greatly speeding up their pursuit of higher education. As there is a limit on the maximum students allowed into this course each year, stiff competition amongst participants has made admission a challenge. Nevertheless, the curriculum is a replica of the traditional program.

Upon graduation, students can immediately register for the NCLEX. Like many other nursing institutes, the college of nursing here also offers an online program for RN to BSN and RN to MSN degrees. In the MSN program, students are able to conduct clinical practices within their home areas. There are 12 areas of specialty for the MSN program which include child health, family health, neonatal, adult acute care, as well as psychiatric or mental health. Additionally, master’s degree graduates can also become nursing administrators, nursing educators or clinical nurse specialists.

Another first in nursing institutes found at the University of South Alabama is the nursing cooperative education program. Here, students have the chance to work with real employers in actual situations, which allows the students to put into practice all the theories they have learned in class. These students acquire an edge over students of other nursing colleges through their hands-on training, which is integral to their future careers. Those who participate in this program will function as an assistant in direct patient care during the first and second years.

In the third year, they will work under the supervision of a registered nurse and receive a pay equivalent to what a licensed practical nurse earns. By the fourth year, the student will still be under the supervision of an RN but they will be paid 80% the salary of a registered nurse. Once they have reached their fifth year, participants of this program would have not gained much in terms of credits and grades, but would have earned valuable experience and training. This is why students seeking a nursing education that is truly outstanding should consider the college of nursing at the University of South Alabama as one of their primary choices.

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