School Nursing

While school nurses are facing more budget cutbacks in the education field, they play an important role in the support of the health of students. A school nurse becomes a part of the education system, allowing students the opportunity to care for themselves and learn more about their health.

School nursing is a field that can appeal to a nurse that wants to have a standard schedule without any overtime or extra hours. Because the nurse will only be attending to students during regular school hours, those nurses with families of their own can find this field challenging as well as rewarding. But this field can also mean that their family life is not disrupted.

Many nurses choose school nursing when they are interested in teaching younger children. While most nurses turn to teaching at one point or another in their careers, those that want to help children exclusively will enjoy being in the school setting. Many educational programs are beginning to offer health and fitness classes which are perfect settings for a nurse to give advice and guidance.

General assemblies that talk about health care issues as well as proper hygiene and self-care can be a wonderful forum for children to learn more about health-related issues. Given the nursing background, the nurse can explain the reasoning behind such advice in a clear and compelling manner, educating students and teachers alike.

But it’s the care of the students that many people usually relate to school nursing. When a child has fallen ill during class or has become injured on the playground, a school nurse is on the front lines of helping or stabilizing that student until more qualified help can arrive.

In many situations, a school nurse can also be a counselor of sorts. Children that continue to complain about certain ailments may be trying to get the attention of the nurse or their parents. Children that suffer from unexplained bruises or other injuries may be victims of abuse. In this way, the school nurse can act as a liaison between the student and the proper authorities. In many cases, the nurse will be able to tell a parent when a child is genuinely ill or perhaps when there is a larger problem at hand.

The chance to interact with children and guide them in their health is an important task for any school nurse. With the skills that this nurse has, they can make sure that future generations are healthy and well-educated.

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