Nursing Research for Pharmaceutical Companies

Nursing research has been around since the days of Florence Nightingale and is the supporting function for the nursing practice. While participation in nursing research is open to all nurses regardless of education level, the research itself is conducted by PhD qualified Nurse Researchers.

A number of organizations established in the 1960s are dedicated to the development of nursing research in America today. Organizations such as the American Nurses Foundation (ANF), the National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR), and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing have been pivotal in aiding nurse researchers in getting funding for their research.

Today, Big Pharma is beginning to see the benefits that nursing research can bring to their clinical studies. This is why nursing research is combined with clinical research in the development of better methods for delivering patient care.

The Role of the Nurse Researcher

As drug companies conduct more and more clinical trials, they require an ever increasing supply of qualified nurses to aid in these studies. For nurses wanting to break into the pharmaceutical industry, the time has never been riper than now.

Pharmaceutical companies may employ a nurse as a study monitor. The study monitor’s job is to coordinate with the medical practice staff to address any issues concerning the drug trials while finding the best therapeutic practice for the patient. While this position does not involve as much direct contact with the patients as other areas of nursing research, it does involve a great deal of travel where nurses get to meet other study nurses.

Nurses who wish to deal more directly with patients in a study have the opportunity to do so while still advancing nursing research. Nurses also help to recruit and enroll patients for a trial. It is the nurses’ job to follow up with the patient throughout the study while liaising with the patient, family, doctors and pharmaceutical company representatives to share the results of the study and provide care for the patients.

Entering the Industry

While experience counts for a lot, fresh nursing school graduates are able to gain entry into the field of nursing research for drug companies. Indeed, fresh college graduates with a BSN or MSN make ideal candidates for a study nurse.

Certain universities and institutions are also starting to offer a certification in clinical research. This may stem from the fact that these institutes see the need to provide educational opportunities for nurses wishing to pursue clinical research with pharmaceutical companies.

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