Home Nursing

When patients become too ill to care for themselves, and their family is unable to stay with them to tend to their needs, the question of who can provide care becomes crucial. This is especially true when the patient has certain health care needs that need attending. To help in this situation, home nursing has emerged as a viable option.

Unlike traditional hospital care, home nursing allows a patient to receive the attention and the care that they need within the comforts of their own home or a family member’s home. This can provide a sense of control over their condition as well as a more comfortable setting. And with a home care nurse, patients can receive the personal attention that they need. There aren’t other patients to distract them or to worry them, while the nurse is always right down the hall or nearby.

Home nurses are able to administer medications, change sheets and help to move patients. They are highly trained in general care as well as life saving techniques should the need arise. These nurses are compassionate and sometimes give much of the care to a patient in the form of company and security. The patient doesn’t have to feel like they are a burden to their family while also having an aide to help them whenever they need helping.

Generally speaking, home nurses are well-trained in a variety of specialties. This allows them to move from patient to patient, and still be able to care for their individual needs. This might mean that a home nurse knows a bit about cardiac care as well as oncology care. Of course, the nurses can also be hospice or intensive care nurses that can handle more complicated situations in which the patient’s condition may be terminal.

Home nursing is flexible for the patient as well as the nurse. The patient can opt for nurse care whenever family members are unable to provide their presence. Some home care nurses work in 12-hour shifts so that someone is always available for the patient. For the nurse, being able to work with one person exclusively allows the nurse to build a solid relationship with the patient, rather than having to split their attention between two or more patients (as in a hospital setting).

Home nursing positions can be found through temp agencies as well as rehabilitation centers and clinics. The job duties are vast, but for the nurse that wants to spend the time to really get to know and care for a patient as an individual, home nursing can be a great way to give of their skills.

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