Why Get a Nursing Degree?

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With the economy in the position it is currently in, many people have had more of an incentive to continue on with a higher education, more specifically in programs in nursing and criminal justice (in which there have been a high demand of employees).  As a result, nursing programs have become more advanced and offer much more to students than ever before.

Nursing degrees seem to be extremely confined to one field, but offer students a wide range of options to choose from.  Nursing programs can range anywhere from rehabilitative care to pediatric care, and can involve a number of degrees including associates, bachelors, masters, and even doctorate.  Additionally, new “bridge” programs make the transition within health care workers such as LPNs and EMTs easier than ever before, and more cost efficient.  The starting salary for registered nurses is now around $50,000 a year, although this amount is bound to change with increased schooling and further years of experience.  Additionally, the possibilities are nearly endless for a future in health care management, which involves a great shift from your status as a registered nurse.

Earning a nursing degree is only the first step in the process of entering into the health care industry, a major step that can result in a Masters in Health Care or a Doctorate in Health Care Management.  Now more than ever, nursing degree programs have allowed students from all walks of life to earn degrees in all areas of the health care industry.  Online education has additionally expedited this process as students are offered the opportunity to earn degrees from the comfort of their own home as well as through an alternate cost efficient option. 

Online nursing degree programs range from the traditional program that requires 30-60 hours of fieldwork to bridge programs that offer students the opportunity to continue their education after achieving a certain amount of education in the medical field.  Students from anywhere in the world are now able to earn nursing degrees without the stress of attending class on a specific schedule that can conflict with their working or family life.  Online education caters to students’ own schedules and allows students to pick and choose what kind of classes they want to take, as well as when they will be able to complete their work.

Nursing degrees are now widely available to any type of student which is why so many individuals are now opting to enter their foray into the health care industry.  With so many available positions, the nursing industry seems set to experience a boom in the coming years with the easy accessibility of programs around the nation. 

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