The Changing Prominence of a Nursing Degree

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Health care has quickly become an industry that has seen an increased demand for workers in the past decade, in stark comparison to the many other industries that have had to cut corners.  This has come at a time of economic uncertainty and has led to valuable options for many families.  Nursing degrees in particular have become increasingly important, and more schools than ever now offer bachelors and masters degrees in nursing, as well as dual degree programs in health care administration and nursing. 

The economy has paved the way for new career choices in a variety of fields, the top of which is the health care industry.  Due to the rising number of students who earn degrees in specialties of medicine, many communities are still left with a demand for general practitioners and general nursing specialists.  Even other professions have taken note of this new demand for health care professionals, as many law firms now require their attorneys to take distance learning classes on health care law and nursing in order to be better adept to handle cases in this realm. 

Online education classes has helped fill this gap in the health care industry, as more students than ever have been able to earn nursing degrees by taking their first year of nursing school online and finishing up at a local school with their residency requirements.  Other students are able to earn Masters in Health Care Administration and related degrees through online programs, opening up a wide array of jobs and future careers for these students, stemming from their original nursing degree.  Nursing programs have become equally prominent in traditional schools as well, and most public schools have nursing degree programs now that attract thousands of students every year. 

This increase in demand of nursing degrees was predicted as early as the 1990s, as many schools prepared for this influx by incorporating more nursing programs into their curriculum and developing dual degree programs to attract even more students to their health programs.  While most students typically only want a nursing degree at first, this foray into the health care industry can typically lead to further degrees to cement their career options.  The health care industry continues to flourish amid the economic crisis due to advancing technology, new prescriptions, and an overall need for health care providers.  This looks to be a continuing trend, and nursing degrees are on the frontline of the health care industry. 


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