Florence Nightingale’s Influence in Becoming an RN

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Florence Nightingale has been a vital figure for the nursing community for the past century, a pillar of what nursing is truly about.  Since this point, there have been other influential nurses, but none so much as Florence Nightingale, who is known outside the nursing community. Nightingale has become such an extraordinary figure in the health industry not because of her skills as a nurse, but her goals for the future of nursing and her desire to transform the nursing industry in the nineteenth century.

Florence Nightingale boasts an impressive resume of service, stemming from her original work in the Crimean War.  Through this service, she risked her life to tend to injured soldiers on the battlefield at night, often coming directly into the line of fire, but never once faltered.  After this point, she campaigned for reform in the nursing community, attracting a new breed of nurses who were able to uphold the values she came to embody.  While the modern era does not have as much room for reformation as the nineteenth century, many nurses today still strive to be as diligent to their cause as Florence Nightingale was. 

Nightingale made it clear that nursing was more than simple health care, but was about connecting with patients and ensuring that everyone was attended to, despite the circumstances.  Much of Nightingale’s family memoirs suggest that she worked herself and those around her to death through her never-ending campaign to deliver the best health care and nursing care to patients and to ensure they all had equal advantages.  It almost seems like this type of devotion had to happen for nursing to develop into what it is today.  It is hard to realize that nursing was not considered to be an adequate form of employment for a woman to go into at the time Florence Nightingale worked; she defied much of her family and social norms at the time to deliver this type of revolution in the nursing community. 

If we have learned anything from Florence Nightingale’s life story, it is that nursing envelops much more than administering health care.  It is about connecting with patients, ensuring that every person is given the same level of health care, and striving to make reforms within the community.  We have come so far from Nightingale’s time in which nursing was a despised form of labor; nursing is now considered to be one of the most respected career choices.  However, we cannot forget the nurse who paved the way for nursing to be what it is today and who continues to inspire many of us to become RNs. 


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