Best Nursing Degrees for 2010

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It’s a brand new year, which means more opportunities to earn nursing degrees!  It is only a matter of determining what is the greatest need in the nursing industry, as well as what you will be most comfortable earning.  Nursing degrees range from pediatric degrees to geriatric degrees.  Far from being generalized, like so many people think they are, nursing degrees can be anywhere from the extraordinarily broad to the highly specialized. 

The past year has indicated that the health care industry has nearly run into a shortage of both physicians and nurses who practice general medicine.  Instead of earning a specialized degree, 2010 seems to be the year to earn your registered nurse degree and work in either a clinic or hospital, ready to assist for a variety of patients.  While this seems like a relatively easy degree to earn, general nursing degrees require a background in nearly every type of patient imaginable.  More than the recognition of general nursing, you will earn the respect of the clinic you work for through your ability to mold to any situation that comes your way.

If you want to take an unconventional route, then look into earning a nursing degree that will allow you to work outside the country and do some work for the Red Cross or another aid organization.  The nurses who are on the scene at Haiti are lifesavers for thousands of children and individuals who would not have survived if not for their help.  This is only one example of ways in which the Red Cross can help countries in need; the Red Cross deploys aid workers around the world, focusing on impoverished nations such as Zimbabwe and the Sudan, countries which are struggling to stay afloat even with aid.  This is a life-changing experience, and as a nurse, you should try similar programs out to expand your horizons and your degree options.

Pediatric care is drastically rising as we have experienced a boom in children’s health care and new clinics have opened up around the country.  Pediatric nurses are better equipped to handle younger children and degrees in this type of nursing require students to be patient as well as knowledgeable of the many complications that can arise with young children.  Children are highly susceptible to much more than adults are, and need special care to ensure they make it to adulthood.  While pediatrics is not for everyone, it is rapidly becoming a sought after career choice for students of nursing.

Regardless of what type of nursing degree you want to earn, either RN or LPN or even nursing assistant, there are many options available for you and your future goals. 


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