Balancing Work and Life as an Obstetrics Nurse

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Studies have recently come out that indicate which careers are most suitable for balancing a career and a family for women around the country.  Surprisingly, medical careers were the top ranked within the study, as once women get past the grueling hours of the first years, they are able to settle into a career in their 30s and prepare for a family life and a career that allows them more flexibility than financial careers allow (according to the study). 

According to a recent National Survey, doctors and nurses in their late 30s and early 40s work less than 35 hours a week, compared to the 60+ hours of lawyers and MBA graduates.  Obstetrics has emerged as one of the top medical jobs that offer a flexible schedule to nurses and doctors in the field.  It would appear that at first sight, nurses and doctors of obstetrics would be forced to operate on a different person’s clock (when the baby wants to come out, it comes out), but over time, the higher ranks of female obstetricians have changed this waiting period.  Now, most obstetrics professionals operate in group practices that allow a primary obstetrician to not be confined by a small window.

These group settings allow obstetric nurses to be less confined in their schedule and able to participate in more activities outside of work.   Many other professional careers do not follow the group-practice mentality because they feel that such intense workloads cannot be split between various partners, although this cannot always be true.  Older ideals of obstetrics careers required nurses and doctors to be available 70 hours a week or more, but the evolution of the field has led to the current norm of group practices where only a few decades ago would have been unheard of. 

Women have consistently grappled with the work-life balance and their seeming inability to have both career and family goals at the same time.  However, obstetrics is one of the anomalies within the professional world: a career that allows women doctors and nurses the ability to work 40 hours a week at the most and the flexibility in tending to their families while still retaining a higher-ranking position.  This may trickle down to other specialties, but currently obstetrics nurses are one of the best careers that will allow you to split time between a career and family.  This question will forever plague women until more group-practices are developed within other careers, but obstetrics has already changed their specialty and everyone has benefitted from the transformation. 

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