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25 Awesome Virtual Worlds for Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

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Although snagging some real face time with your doctor is invaluable to debunking all of your cryptic symptoms, there are other alternatives to researching medical questions.

Telemetry Nurses in Pop Culture

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As much as we hate to admit it, the majority of information we receive about professional careers is trickled down from our knowledge relating to a TV show or movie about the profession.  Everyone thinks they can be a lawyer or detective based on shows like Law and Order while every person is also convinced […]

Top 50 Pharmacist Blogs

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The blogosphere is full of information and commentary for people of all walks of life, and pharmacists are no exception.

How has the Economy Affected Types of Nurses and their Salaries?

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Only a few decades ago, there was only one type of nurse: the one who assisted the doctor and checked your blood pressure and weight while you waited for the doctor to emerge from another room.  Since this time, however, there has been an evolution within the health industry and are now different specialties for […]