5 Organic Shopping Tips to Help a Patient Get Better Health for Their Buck

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Using organic supplements to improve health and well-being is something many patients are looking into to improve their quality of life overall. Using supplements in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan is something you should discuss with your physician or holistic medicine practitioner. Buying organic supplements can be tricky at times, as there are many companies out there looking to capitalize on a market that is getting more attention than ever before. If you are shopping for organic supplements, there are several things you need to look at before purchasing, especially if you are not familiar with the company.


This is where a little bit of research comes in. Look into the company in question and do your homework. If you are buying products from overseas, chances are a USDA certification will not be prominent on the label. Some companies simply label their products as “all-natural” or use the word organic in the product name to be deliberately misleading.


Find out exactly what is in your supplements. There is no reason to take unnecessary compounds or preservatives, as there are plenty of great supplements out there that are free of this extra filler. Again, research is the key to understanding what you do and do not want to ingest when you take your supplements.


If you have moved past the first two obstacles, it’s time to figure out the concentration of the supplements in question. If you have been advised to take a certain amount of a specific supplement each day, make sure that you check to see if you will be able to get the recommended amount from the brand in question. Will have to take one dose or two? These factors will determine how long the product lasts as well as its cost effectiveness.


Products sold in the United States that say vegetarian or organic will be certified by the USDA. If you are in doubt, look for the certification on the packaging. Perhaps your product is not what it seems. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you are trying to rid your body of unnecessary chemical compounds.

Shelf Life

Organic supplements do not contain the same preservatives as their non-organic counterparts, so make sure that you will be able to use all of your products before they expire. Sometimes health food stores may miss a package of expired supplements, so it’s important that you are vigilant about this aspect of your supplements as well.

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