How has the Economy Affected Types of Nurses and their Salaries?

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Only a few decades ago, there was only one type of nurse: the one who assisted the doctor and checked your blood pressure and weight while you waited for the doctor to emerge from another room.  Since this time, however, there has been an evolution within the health industry and are now different specialties for every nurse to delve deeper into.  As technology advances, it only makes sense that medicine should advance too, including the new ways in which nurses see patients, which nurses are in charge of monitoring new devices, and which nurses in fact still continue the traditional nursing profession. 

The types of nurses and their salaries that are now found in hospitals are currently a direct result of the economic conditions our country has transformed toward.  The heath industry has remained one industry that has not been affected by the recession; there is still a high demand for nurses and doctors of every type, although there is a higher demand for general practitioners.  Highly specialized doctors and nurses are becoming more common within the health industry, causing a gap in “general” doctors and nurses.  Therefore, it has become clear that despite all these radical transformations within the health care industry, that original nurse from your childhood is still the type of nurse that is in the highest demand across the country.

Nursing programs have typically held a high retention rate and the country has never experienced a loss of nurses of any type.  However, the recession has affected many different industries around the country, but has left the option of nursing school open for any individual.  There is a demand for nurses, but it has been mentioned much more recently only because there has not been a demand in any industry for quite some time.  In this type of economy, nursing careers have proven to be one of the most stable jobs to maintain, and one of the best to get involved with.  Additionally, nursing salaries have not fluctuated as the result of the economy either: the type of nursing job you wish to go into has its own individual salary that is not the result of the economy, but more a result of the expertise your schooling has provided you with. 

Nurses remain a staple of American society, since the days of Civil War nurses risking everything to help soldiers in the battlefield, regardless of what side they were on.  Since this point, nurses have been a stronghold onto the health industry and the beacon of hope for every patient who has to pass through a clinic or hospital. 

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