Becoming an RN in a World Full of Doctors

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Many times becoming an RN seems to take second place to the doctors and surgeons who get the publicity and admiration of the public.  However, as anyone in the health industry will tell you, status and rankings mean little inside the hospital when you are saving a person’s life.  Each person in that operating room, clinic, or emergency room is just as liable for the patient’s well-being as everyone else.  Once you are in the heat of the moment, all sense of ranking is diminished as you are simply working to save a person’s life (albeit in different ways).

Becoming an RN means knowing that you will get belittled many times in your career, but also knowing that you can rise above the insults and remember what you are there for.  After years of schooling to become a registered nurse, there is always a thrill of expectation on your first day of work, similar to the first day in any industry.  However, in the health industry, you are responsible for people’s lives and as the first person to see a patient, you have a heightened responsibility to determine whether they require emergency services. 

Additionally, becoming an RN ensures that you have excellent people-skills.  Knowing how to deal with your patients is an important part of any nurse’s life, and it is typically with the nurses in hospitals whom patients place their trust with.  Becoming an RN is far more than simply holding the degree or certificate; instead, it is about the ability to perform above all expectations.  While doctors understandably are usually more respected than nurses in hospitals and clinics, they know that they would never be able to perform their health services without the aid of their RN.  Every doctor is aware of this. 

Nursing is a vital part of our society and has been such for centuries.  Midwives were one of the earliest forms of nurses and were always respected in their society for the well-being of every new and expecting mother.  In our current society, many still wonder what the role of nurses actually is, if we already have doctors and other health care professionals.  These people do not understand the struggle it is to become an RN, and the rush you can feel from saving a person’s life.  Regardless, nursing is an integral part of our society and everyone in the health care industry recognizes it as the noble profession it is. 

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