100 Free Online instructional Yoga Videos for a Better Mind & Body

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Practicing yoga is a great way to improve your mind and body, and there are many online resources devoted to learning yoga. Some of the best of these are instructional videos that show you how to get started with yoga, workouts for specific areas, and even traditional yoga poses. Check out this collection to find the perfect yoga videos for you.

Beginners If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to check out these videos for yoga beginners.

  1. Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond: Watch this video to get an introduction to Kundalini yoga.
  2. Kabbalah Yoga for Ambitious Beginners: Get the basics of Kabbalah yoga from this routine.
  3. Yoga for Beginners: Patricia Walden shows you how to get started with yoga.
  4. Full Spectrum Yoga for Beginners: Watch this video to learn how to do full spectrum yoga.
  5. Denise Austin Xtralight Beginners Yoga Essentials: Learn really easy yoga moves from Denise Austin in this video.
  6. Beginner Yoga with Shiva Rea: Shiva Rea will guide you though a beginner’s yoga sequence.
  7. Element Yoga for Beginners: Elena Brower walks you through a variety of different basic yoga poses.
  8. Lunar Yoga Sequence for Beginners: Desi Bartlett’s Lunar Yoga sequence incorporates slow, deep stretches.
  9. Best Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercises: Get started with Kundalini yoga by using this video.

Remedies See how yoga can be used to heal in these videos.

  1. Kundalini Yoga Headache Remedy Interactive: With the instruction in this video, you can learn how to cure headaches with Kundalini yoga.
  2. Yoga for stress management: Watch the Mayo Clinic’s yoga video to get your stress under control.
  3. How to do Restorative Poses in Yoga: Watch this video to learn about restorative yoga poses.
  4. How to do Restorative Poses in Yoga Part 2: Learn even more restorative yoga poses in this tutorial video.
  5. Your Ticket to Weight Loss: Yoga: This video explains how you can use yoga for weight loss.
  6. Avoid Aches by Doing Yoga: Watch this video to learn how you can avoid aches, pains, and injuries with yoga.
  7. How to Relax with Yoga: Unwind from a busy day with the yoga presented in this video.
  8. Stress Relief Yoga: Relieve your stress with this yoga video for beginners.
  9. Yoga for Neck Pain: Relieve the pain in your neck with this instructional video.
  10. Yoga for Sleep, Insomnia, or Deep Relaxation: Become calm, restful and relaxed instantly by using the yoga exercises in this video.

Training Check out these videos to learn about how yoga can improve your sports training.

  1. Yoga for Surfers: Fluid Power Yoga: These yoga poses will make you a more powerful surfer.
  2. Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight: The yoga exercises in this set will help you lose weight, burn fat, and tone your muscles.
  3. Yoga for Board Sports: Learn about yoga balance, breathing, and meditation that can help you with board sports.
  4. Athlete Yoga: Watch this video to learn a few useful yoga postures for athletes.
  5. Yoga for Weight Loss: This video offers a calorie burning yoga sequence for your whole body.
  6. Yoga for Surfers: Fit, Focused, Fearless: This strengthening and stretching routine will improve your fitness as a surfer.
  7. Breathing Exercises-Introduction to Pranayama: Gain the ability to breathe deeply and fully with this video’s instruction.
  8. Yoga for Fitness, Wellness, Mental Health, and a Flexible Body: Cass Naumann explains the benefits of yoga and shows you how to do different yoga positions and poses.
  9. Introduction to Yoga for Surfers: Find poses and postures to do before, during, and after your surf in this video.

Yoga Systems Learn about new and different yoga systems like Hatha, Kabbalah, and Ashtanga yoga in these videos.

  1. Hatha Yoga Video Class: Check out this video to learn about Hatha yoga.
  2. Preparing for the Light-Kabbalah Yoga: Even if you have no yoga experience, you can try this Kaballah yoga video.
  3. A Guide to Hatha Yoga: Find out how to do Hatha yoga with this video.
  4. How to do Guided Relaxation in Ashtanga Yoga: Check out this video to learn how to relax in Ashtanga yoga.
  5. A Guide to Kundalini Yoga: This video explains the basics of Kundalini yoga.
  6. A Guide to Ashtanga Yoga: Watch this video to learn basic poses and concepts from Ashtanga yoga.
  7. Hatha Yoga Flow: Watch a full 43 minute Hatha yoga class in this video.

Morning Exercises Get your day started off right with these yoga morning rituals.

  1. Morning Yoga: In this video, you’ll see yoga positions that are great for waking up.
  2. AM Energizer: Try this video’s routine, and you won’t need coffee in the morning.
  3. Morning Yoga Energizer: Get energized for the day with this video’s routine.
  4. Wake up Yoga in Bed: Use your bed as a yoga mat and wake up energized using the yoga sequence in this video.
  5. Model Yoga: Morning Routine: Adopt this video as part of your morning routine for more energy and better health.
  6. Wake up Happy With Esther: Improve your morning mood and start your day right with this yoga video.

Sexual Health The exercises in these yoga videos will help you improve your virility and sexual satisfaction.

  1. Yoga for Better Sex: Watch this yoga routine to learn how to release tension for better sex.
  2. Advanced Sacral Sex Chakra Yoga: These yoga exercises will help you become more virile.
  3. Tantric Yoga for Lovers: Increase your sexual energy and share a yoga routine with your partner by following this instructional video.
  4. Better Sex Through Yoga: Watch a Better Sex Through Yoga class in this video.
  5. Basic Tantra Yoga: Follow Julia Tindall through a basic pelvic and heart warming tantra yoga exercise.

Problem Areas Work out specific parts of your body with these yoga videos.

  1. Abs Yoga Workout for Beginners: With these yoga poses, you’ll be able to firm up your abs.
  2. How to do the Six Moves of the Spine: Pay special attention to your spine with these yoga poses.
  3. Radiating Yoga Abs Workout with Shiva Rea: Shiva Rea’s yoga video will show you how to strengthen your core with yoga.
  4. Yoga for Your Eyes-Using Yoga to Heal: This video will show you how yoga can improve your sight.
  5. Yoga Quick Fix for Calves and Shins: Watch this video to find out how to quickly tighten your calves and shins.
  6. Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain: Watch Michael Riel’s video designed to release your neck and shoulder muscles.
  7. How to Perform Arm Balance in Yoga: Check out this video to learn how to balance your arms while doing yoga.
  8. Yoga for Killer Legs: This yoga routine will help you build great legs.
  9. Core Yoga Exercises for Ripped Abs: Build six-pack abs with these yoga exercises that are great for your core.
  10. Yoga Girl: Yoga Exercise Routine: Improve your posture with the poses in this video.
  11. Yoga for Stiff Shoulders: Relieve shoulder pain and make your shoulders more flexible by using this video’s instructions.
  12. How to do Dynamic Core Work in Yoga: Bring dynamic core work into your yoga session with this video.
  13. How to do Static Core Work in Yoga: Similar to dynamic core work, this video demonstrates static core work in yoga.
  14. Back Insurance: Check out this video to find a yoga post that will help prevent back injury.
  15. Developing Arm Strength: Make your upper body and arms stronger with these intermediate and advanced yoga postures.

Specific Poses & Postures Follow these videos along to learn how to do yoga poses and postures.

  1. Full Saddle Pose in Yoga: John Paul Grilley demonstrates the full saddle pose.
  2. Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Demonstrate Tree Pose: Learn how to do the tree pose from these two instructors.
  3. Yoga Deep Breathing Exercise: Open up energy pathways and improve your respiratory system with this breathing exercise.
  4. Plank Pose: With the plank pose, you’ll strengthen your abs, arms, and legs.
  5. How to do Unlinked Sun Salutes in Yoga: With this video, you’ll learn how to do unlinked sun salutes.
  6. How to do Breath in Time in Yoga: Manipulate your breath in time with this video.
  7. Plank Pose Flow in Yoga: Learn how to do the plank pose from this video.
  8. Yoga Postures-The Warrior: Strengthen your entire body with the warrior posture.
  9. How to do the Cobra Pose in Yoga: This video will show you how to perfect the cobra pose.
  10. Yoga Class Session-A Routine of 20 Yoga Postures: Learn 20 different postures from this yoga video.
  11. How to do a Yoga Stretching Exercise: Find out how to properly stretch in yoga with this video.
  12. Advanced Yoga Headstand: Here you’ll find a challenging way to get into a headstand.
  13. Camel and Bear Poses in Yoga: Learn how to do the Camel and Bear poses in Yin yoga from this video.
  14. Yoga for Flexibility: Designed for both beginners and intermediate yoga students, this class will show you how to improve your flexibility with yoga.
  15. How to do Closing in Yoga: This video demonstrates a final yoga position.

Prenatal Yoga Improve the health of your pregnancy by using the yoga techniques in these videos.

  1. An Introduction to Prenatal Yoga for Pregnant Women: Get started with prenatal yoga using this video.
  2. Goddess Pose for Parental Yoga: Prepare for labor, delivery, and recovery with this prenatal pose.
  3. Pregnancy Yoga: See the routine that a yoga expert has done throughout her pregnancy in this video.
  4. Opening Breath for Parental Yoga: Improve your breathing techniques with this yoga video.
  5. Leg Drop Pose for Prenatal Yoga: Practice the leg drop pose using the instructions in this video.
  6. Prenatal Yoga Positions and Techniques: Learn a few different prenatal yoga poses from this video.
  7. Yoga for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth: Rid yourself of aches and strengthen your body for labor and delivery with the exercises shown in this video.
  8. Prenatal Yoga Squat Position for Pregnant Women: This video will show you how to do the yoga squat position as a pregnant woman.
  9. 9 1/2 Months Pregnant Jess Wants Her Baby Now!: Watch this video to learn about labor inducing pressure points.

Office Stay healthy at the office with these simple yoga videos for work.

  1. Subtle Stretches to Use at Work: Stretch out your sore muscles at work with this video.
  2. Office Yoga with Tara Stiles: Relieve tension in your shoulders, lower back and wrists with this video’s yoga exercises.
  3. Side Stretch Exercise for Office Yoga: Watch this video to learn how to do a side stretch exercise at work.
  4. Desktop Office Yoga Step 1- To Prepare: Get ready to do office yoga with this instructional video.
  5. Desktop Office Yoga Step 2- Arm Raise: Stretch your arms with this office yoga video.
  6. Desktop Office Yoga Step 3- Chest Stretch: Follow this office yoga video to stretch your chest.
  7. Hip Stretch Exercise for Office Yoga: Stretch out your hips at work with this yoga exercise for the office.
  8. Breathing Meditation for Energy: Get more energy with these yoga breathing and meditation techniques you can use at the office.
  9. Seated Twist with Legs Crossed Exercise for Office Yoga: Try this seated yoga twist exercise to stretch out at work.
  10. Thigh Stretch Exercise for Office Yoga: Use these yoga thigh stretches to loosen up at the office.
  11. Spine Stretch Exercise for Office Yoga: This video will show you how to stretch your spine at work with simple yoga spine exercises.

Yoga for Kids Practice yoga with your kids with the help of these videos.

  1. Yoga for Kids: Silly to Calm: Calm your kids down by doing these yoga poses with them.
  2. Your Move by WhimYoga: In this video, parents and children instruct each other to do yoga moves.
  3. Kids’ Yoga: See how a few kids do yoga on Fox and Friends.
  4. My First Yoga: Watch a kids’ yoga class in action in this video and follow along with your children.

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